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Burlington County College’s Student Gallery features a special exhibit entitled, Art in the Environment. The exhibit presents two featured artists, Carol Woodin from the American Society of Botanical Artists and Michael Gallagher from Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. A “meet the artists” is planned for the exhibit’s opening reception. Art in the Environment at BCC’s Student Gallery provides the community access to an exhibit that promotes their local region’s environment through art, as well as an opportunity to interact with the featured artists. The focus of the exhibit is on the appreciation of the natural environment as seen through the various mediums of art.

Activities related to this six-week exhibit include collaboration with a local elementary school to provide students with the opportunity to tour the gallery and learn about the art that is presented in the exhibit, as well as attend lectures and demonstrations by the featured artists.

A second component to the exhibit will bring students who participated in the tour of the art gallery to the College’s Sustainable Art Studio on our East Campus. The studio hosts an artists’ workshop space, as well as a garden that has been filled with indigenous plants from the region. This component will provide the students with a hands-on art experience, as well as a demonstration and lecture from a featured artist, Simon Drapier, and a botanical educator.

The BCC Student Gallery is located just miles from the Pinelands National Reserve, a unique ecological region that spans 1.1 million acres of southern New Jersey. The people of the pinelands have a rich cultural history; however, many local residents have lost their connection to this area. This project will provide local residents with access to the work of two premier guest artists that have chosen the natural environment as their artistic focus. We envision that this experience will offer residents of the community and region access a culturally enriching appreciation of art in their environment. 

The staff of BCC Pinelands Institute for Natural and Environmental Studies (PINES), an environmental education organization that provides pinelands programming to elementary school students, will participate and assist with the school field trip visits to the art gallery and the Sustainable Art Studio.

The goals of the proposed project include the following:

  • Plan and host an environmental art exhibit at the BCC Student Gallery featuring two prominent guest artists.
  • Host an opening reception for community members to view the artistic works and meet the artists.
  • Provide elementary school children with the opportunity to view the exhibit, interact with the artists, and create artwork focused on the environment around them.
  • Promote local artists by inviting them to submit work to be viewed as part of the exhibit.
  • Achieve a successful, community-supported exhibit with events that use art to strengthen community ties. 

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This project is supported in part by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts.
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