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CPT 110 Introduction to Computed Tomography 3/0/0        
Hybrid  Offered Fall 1st 7 weeks.
Prerequisites: ARRT, RT(R), ARRT, RT (NM)
Co-requisite: CTP 150
Content provides a foundation in ethics and law related to the practice of medical imaging. Basic understanding of the operation of CT devices will be explained. Content is designed to introduce concepts related to the disease process. Content will provide the basic concepts of patient care, including physical and psychological needs of the patient and family. Routine and emergency care procedures are described. Basic concepts of pharmacology and venipuncture of contrast media are provided. 

CPT 120 Sectional Anatomy 3/0/0                                       
Hybrid Offered Fall 2nd 7 weeks.
Prerequisite: CTP 110
Co-requisite: CTP 150
This course begins with a review of gross anatomy. Gross anatomical structures are located and identified in axial, sagittal, coronal and orthogonal planes. Illustrations of anatomical images will be compared with CT and MR images in the same imaging planes. The characteristic appearance of each anatomical structure as it appears on CT, MR and US will be stressed.

CPT 130 CT Procedures 3/0/0
Hybrid Offered Spring 1st 7 weeks.
Prerequisite: CTP 120
Co-requisite: CTP 150
Content provides detailed coverage of procedure for CT imaging of adults and pediatric patients.  Procedures include, but not limited to, indications for the procedure, patient education, preparation, orientation and positioning, patient history and assessment, contrast media usage, scout images, scan parameters and archiving of images. CT procedures will be taught for differentiation of specific structures, patient symptomology and pathology. CT images studies will be reviewed for quality, and anatomy and pathology. 

CPT 140 CT Physics and Equipment 3/0/0                           
Hybrid Offered Spring 2nd 7 weeks.
Prerequisite: CTP 130
Co-requisite: CTP 150
Content is designed to impart understanding of the physical principles and instrumentation involved in computed tomography. The historical development and evolution of computed tomography is reviewed.  Physics topics include x-radiation used in forming the image, beam attenuation, linear attenuation coefficients, tissue characterizes and Hounsfield numbers. Data acquisition and manipulation techniques, image reconstruction algorithms will be explained. CT systems and operations will be explored with full coverage of radiographic tube configuration, collimator design and function, detector types, characteristic and function and the CT computer and array processor. CT image processing and display will be examined.

CPT 150 CT Clinical Education 3/0/120                              
Offered Fall or Spring – limit 10 students
Prerequisites: ARRT, RT(R), ARRT, RT (NM)
Co-requisites: CTP 110 & 120 or CTP 130 & 140
Clinical education consists of 120 hours in an affiliate hospital or imaging center. It is designed to enable the student to achieve the competencies necessary to meet the ARRT eligibility requirements. Course can either be taken in the fall or spring.  

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