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John Schwarz, Branch Manager of Inergy Propane DBA\Modern Gas Company

John is a well-rounded professional with 25 years of technical and managerial experience in the propane industry. As branch manager, he leads a team providing all aspects of propane distribution, including site planning, engineering, safety, training, P&L management and business development.

Before joining Inergy, John worked in the propane industry gaining hands-on experience in many positions including plant operator, lead technician, and operations manager. His responsibilities include recruiting, hiring, technician training, DOT compliance, maintenance of fleet / plant, NFPA 58 and 54 compliance and policy development.

John is a member the of NJPGA and NPGA professional organizations and has served on Tabernacles Land Development Board and Catalina Association Board of Directors. John attended Brookdale Community College of Business and is a licensed Merchant Marine Officer.

John’s a big advocate of green energy and supports the expansion of alternate fuel vehicles through an improved distribution system and the utilization of support services.


Jeffrey C. Dey, Chairman and CEO of Resource Control Corporation

Jeff is President and CEO of Resource Control Corporation, a full-service environmental engineering and remediation firm in Moorestown, NJ. He is also a principal of Land Resource Solutions. Specializing in business development and management, Jeff has the vast experience necessary to provide innovative solutions for site investigation and remediation programs which assure comprehensive site evaluation and closure.  Jeff has approximately 20 years of experience in the environmental industry and has been involved in the remediation of approximately 200 sites nationwide.

Jeff has been interested in geologic and environmental science since beginning his studies at the University of Delaware.  After graduating with a BS in Geology, Jeff joined Groundwater Technology, Inc. and worked his way up the ranks to Territory Manager.  Jeff founded RCC in 1992            Jeff believes Sustainable Energy Technology is here to stay and expects growth within our economy in New Jersey.

Scott Endicter, Solar Technology Consultant with BCC/NASA Grant III

Scott is highly skilled in photovoltaic technology development, reliability, and characterization.  While at General Electric Energy as a program manager and lead technologist, Scott managed multidisciplinary solar technology programs including silicon wafer casting and solar panel design.  Prior to his time at GE Energy, Scott worked at Emcore Corporation as Technical Lead Developer of novel solar cell architectures, implementation of new quality and characterization standards, and transition to manufacturing for classified programs.

Scott holds a master’s degree in electrical and semiconductor engineering from the University of Houston.

Scott believes that due to the energy appetite of our society, conservation and a mix of energy technologies will be essential for the continuation of our lifestyles.  Sustainable energy will play a prominent role in our energy diet.


Stephen D. Klotz, Ph.D., Director (Chief Engineer - Renewable Energy)
at Lockheed Martin Mission System and Sensors (MS2)

Steve is highly qualified in the areas of combustion/fuels, system engineering, mechanical engineering and energy technology. Steve oversees multiple renewable energy projects and pursuits in areas including solar energy, wave energy, bioenergy and synthetic fuels. 

Steve earned a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, and served 10 years as a commissioned officer in the Army Corps of Engineers. While on active duty, he earned a MS in Mechanical Engineering from the Pennsylvania State University. Following military service, Steve earned a Ph.D. in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Princeton University for experimental and modeling studies of hydrocarbon fuel combustion chemistry. 

Steve joined Lockheed Martin as an engineer where he conducted and managed modeling studies of rocket motor exhaust flows in exoatmospheric conditions to characterize effects on missile performance. As a manager, Steve has led engineering functional organizations at various levels, which include senior manager of the Weapon System Engineering department, which developed Aegis Weapons System (AWS) Weapon Control System (WCS) products, and his most recent assignment as Director of C3I System Engineering department.


Greg Seher, Project Analyst of Atlantic County Utilities Authority

Greg provides research and expertise on project implementation in alternative/renewable systems, sustainability and market functions and policy.

Greg earned his bachelor’s degree from Saint Joseph’s University and is currently enrolled at Stockton College for a master’s degree in environmental science.

Greg feels that the sustainable energy industry is currently composed of professionals from various backgrounds including business, hard science, and policy and planning; each providing their own expertise but not necessarily having a solid background in the full scope of a project. In the future, projects will be more efficient and developed with fewer hurdles as professionals become well rounded in all aspects of the industry.


Joseph Marchesani, Hydrogeologist, State of New Jersey

Joe is familiar with open and closed-loop- injection/extraction well design, monitoring well and production well designs.

Joe instructs for Burlington County College and the New Jersey Institute of Technology, while maintaining a professional geologist certification. Special interest areas include the “Great Climate Change Debate”, and alternative/ geothermal type energy systems.


Michael L. Wilson, PE, LEED AP, President of Polaris Consulting Engineers, PC

Mike is an expert in the engineering design of heating, ventilating, air conditioning, plumbing and electrical systems for buildings.  He also specializes in energy auditing and energy analysis. Mike has a passion for energy conservation that when coupled with applied renewable energy technology and sustainable design practices, can give our children a livable world.

Mike earned his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Drexel University in Philadelphia.

Mike believes that the distributed energy generation is the panacea for our dependence on fossil fuels without necessitating the upgrade of the aging electrical grid infrastructure.


Gary W. Brill, Geothermal Systems, Mill Pond Mechanical Sales

Gary has over 20 years experience in all phases of the Geothermal Industry. He has a BS Environmental Studies from Richard Stockton College of New Jersey.

Gary began his career in the Geothermal Industry in 1989 with his present employer, Mill Pond, Inc of Port Republic, a Solar/Geothermal contractor.  Growing as Mill Pond grew, Gary became a Geo installer, a New Jersey licensed well driller, consultant, crew manager, and sales rep/wholesale distributor for Mill Pond and FHP. Mill Pond has installed hundreds of systems in NJ, most of them from start to finish in the early years. From 2000 to the present they have worked closely with their dealer network in New Jersey and Delmarva, providing equipment and assistance for promotion and proper installation of residential and light commercial Geo systems.

Gary is a member of the NJ Groundwater Association and is also on the Board of Directors of the Eastern Heating and Cooling Council, a nonprofit contractor-driven association for the promotion of quality/energy efficient HVAC installations. He lives in Sweetwater, New Jersey.

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