BCC Center for Sustainability & Alternative Energey

Green Revoluation


Associate of Applied Science in Energy Technologies

This program is designed to prepare graduates for a career in
alternative energy technologies, such as solar, wind, geothermal
heat pump, and biomass/biofuels.

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Example Course Sequence
Semester I   Credits
  ENG-101 College Composition I 3
Play Video SST-100 Principles of Sustainability 3
Play Video SST-111 Alternative Energy Sources 3
  MTH-130 Pre-Calculus 4
  XXX-XXX Social Science Requirement 3
Semester II   Credits
  SST-110 Energy Auditing for Residential Buildings 3
  SST-231 Introduction to Biomass & Biofuels Technology 3
  PHY-110 Principles of Physics I (lecture) 3
  PHY-111 Principles of Physics I (lab) 1
  EET-121 Circuits 1 4
  XXX-XXX Arts and Humanities Requirement 3
Semester III   Credits
  SPE-102 Public Speaking 3
  SST-211 Solar PV System I - Theory & Design 3
  SST-216 Solar Thermal Systems 3
  SST-226 Small Wind Systems 3
  EET-225 Wiring- Residential & Commerical Construction 3
  NRG-141 Energy Investment Analysis 3
Semester IV   Credits
  SST-212 Solar PV Systems II - Construction & Troubleshooting 3
  SST-221 Geothermal HVAC Systems (elective) 3
  SST-241 Energy Applications of Programmable Logic Controllers 3
  SST-282 Co-operative Education: Alternative Energy Technologies 3
  XXX-XXX Additional General Education Requirement 3
    Total Credits 66
NRG courses are offered in conjunction with Lane Community College, Eugene Oregon. The courses are offered by BCC through a curriculum sharing partnership with Lane under the auspices of a Lane NSF grant. NRG courses will be team-taught by Lane and BCC instructors and delivered in a hybrid format, which is a combination of web plus in-person instruction.
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