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How to register for a LIFE course

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Fall 2014 LIFE Courses

Fall Session runs from September 8- December 29, 2014
with no classes November 13, 26, 27, and 28.
Days are abbreviated as follows:
M - Monday, T - Tuesday, W - Wednesday,
Th - Thursday, F - Friday, S - Saturday,
SU - Sunday

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Day Trips

Riverboat Cruise of Barnegat Bay

Enjoy a lunch cruise aboard a paddle wheel riverboat. Board the "River Lady" in Toms River, and enjoy a 2.5 hour narrated tour of Barnegat Bay from the comfort of the enclosed lower deck of the 85' boat. Cruise will sail rain or shine. Register by September 9. Cost: $39 per person, including the cost of lunch . Van departs promptly at 9:30 am from the Mt. Laurel Campus.

LFB 214 17 - 1 session
October 9 THU 9:30 am - 3:00 pm
Mt. Laurel Instructor: Gary Warga


Princeton University Art Museum

The Princeton University Art Museum, founded in 1882, contains more than 72,000 works of art from many different countries and time periods. Enjoy a one-hour guided tour. After the tour, if weather permits, a one-hour walking tour of the historic campus will be available of Princeton University, founded in 1746. If you have any special needs, please state so when registering. Cost: $9 per person. Van departs promptly at 12:30 pm from the Mt. Laurel Campus.

LFB 211 17 - 1 session
September 25 THU 12:30 - 6:00 pm
Mt. Laurel Instructor: Gary Warga

Autumn Hike for Grandparents and Grandchildren

Enjoy a guided nature hike and some hands-on exploration with your grandchildren. Share the joy of discovering Pine Barrens habitats, including a pitch pine forest, a cedar swamp, and the edge of a cranberry bog. Assist in skill-building through the use of binoculars, magnifying hands lenses, and quiet observation. Please feel free to bring a snack or picnic lunch to enjoy on your own after the program.

LFG 497 80 - 1 session
September 30 TUE 10:30 - 11:30 am
Whitesbog General Store


Fall Flowering Plant Walk

Enjoy the beauty of nature on this autumn afternoon stroll through the Pine Barrens. View the changing leaves of a diversity of deciduous trees and shrubs, as well as the full spectrum of fall-flowering plants.

LFG 538 80 - 1 session
October 29 WED 2 - 4 pm
Whitesbog General Store

Biblical "Moses" at the Sight and Sound Theater, Lancaster, PA

The greatest epic of the Old Testament comes to life on stage. Become immersed in the epic story of Moses as you experience his humanity and the struggle of the children of Israel. We will stop for lunch after the show. Cost: $70 per person, but does not include the cost of lunch. Bus departs promptly at 8 am from the Mt. Laurel Campus.

LFB 210 17 - 1 session
November 11 TUE 8 am - 5 pm
Instructor: Priscilla Anderson


Historic Whitesbog Village Walking Tour

Enjoy a slice of rural history by experiencing the sights and sounds walking through the historic village. The tour includes a photo presentation highlighting cranberry and blueberry agriculture, a visit to a worker's cottage and the barrel factory, and an opportunity to shop in the General Store to purchase unique gifts.

LFG 402 80 - 1 session
November 20 THU 1 - 3 pm
Whitesbog General Store

Pemberton Campus

Basics of Microsoft Office Suite

Learn the fundamentals of each component of the Microsoft Office Suite. Each participant will construct a Word template, an Excel income and expense sheet, and an Access address list. The course will be customized to the interests of the students. Participants MUST have access to a computer and some familiarity with it. Bring a flash drive.

LFV 109 11 - 13 sessions
September 15 - December 8 MON 9:30 - 11:30 am
ACAD 219 Instructor: Vernon Reeves



Water Workout Bar

Balance, aerobic, and resistance training will be emphasized along with agility and mobility in the shallow end of the pool. First time participants must bring doctor's approval. PLEASE NOTE: There is a $2 per class charge for pool usage. This is tracked by punch cards which can be purchased through the LIFE office for $21.40 (including taxes) for 10 uses. Include a separate check made payable to LIFE RELIGIONS with your LIFE registration.

LFP 200 11 - 9 sessions
September 24 - November 19 WED 1 - 2 pm
Pemberton Pool Instructors: Mary Ann Stankinas
and Andrea Bauer


Water Workout

Come exercise in the shallow end of the college pool. Improve your balance, flexibility, and muscle tone. First time participants must bring a doctor's approval to first class session. PLEASE NOTE: There is a $2 per class charge for pool usage. This is tracked by punch cards which can be purchased through the LIFE office for $21.40 (including taxes) for 10 uses. Include a separate check made payable to LIFE RELIGIONS with your LIFE registration.

LFP 100 11 - 11 sessions
September 26 - December 12 FRI 1 - 2 pm
(No class November 28)
Pemberton Pool Instructor: Eleanor Gitto





Mount Laurel Campus

From the Left

Join in a lively discussion of current events, including politics, ethics, religion, and local interests from a liberal perspective. Bring articles for discussion topics.

LFI 159 12 - 17 sessions
September 8 - December 29
MON 10 - 11:30 am
BRC 109 Instructor: Isabelle Addis



How to Protect Your Money from Inflation

The biggest danger to your money is inflation, especially for those on a fixed income. A dollar today is only worth 87 cents compared to just 6 years ago. We'll look at ways to earn a real return that doesn't include burying gold in your backyard.

LFI 189 12 - 5 sessions
September 8 - October 6
MON 12:30 - 1:50 pm
LAUR 134 Instructor: Len Carber


Principles of Political Economy and the Founding Fathers

Enjoy an exploration into the principles of political economy as embraced by four leading figures of the founding era: Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Paine, Thomas Jefferson and George Washington.

LFI 156 12 - 12 sessions
September 11 - December 4 THU 10:30 am - Noon
(No class November 13)
LAUR 312 Instructor: Edward J. Dodson



De Clutter - Reduce Stress

Slide presentation, discussion and checklist handout about reducing stress and improving life through getting rid of unused items. The class will include numerous suggestions for what to do with those items.

LFG 406 12 - 1 session
September 9 TUE 10 am - Noon
BRC 103 Instructor: Linda Coughlin

LFH 408 12 - 1 session
September 16 TUE 10 am - Noon
BRC 103 Instructor: Linda Coughlin


Religions East and West: Buddhism, Hinduism, Monotheism

Buddhism and Hinduism (Eastern religions) originated in India. Judaism, Christianity and Islam ("monotheist religions", also called Abrahamic or Western faiths) originated in Jerusalem. As distinct groups, Eastern and Western religions took divergent paths to spirituality. We discuss the cause of divergence and the consequences.

LFH 222 12 - 8 sessions
September 9 - October 28 TUE 12:30 - 1:50 pm
BRC 109 Instructor: Vijay Kapoor



Flutin' Around

Whether you haven't touched your flute for decades or have been fluting for years, join us for lots of fun learning duets, trios, and more. Bring your flute, portable music stand, ensemble book: "Flute Sessions" (ed. Gearhart) Shawnee Press. Optional: bring $16 for book.

LFM 198 12 - 9 sessions
September 10 - November 12 WED 6 - 7:15 pm
(No class September 24)
BRC 103 Instructor: Myra Lewinter Malamut


Learn to Play the Recorder

The recorder is featured in some of the most beautiful music throughout history. Bring a plastic soprano or tenor baroque-style recorder (Yamaha or Dolmetsch suggested), and a portable music stand. No prior music experience needed. Participants with smaller hands should use soprano recorder. (Call the office for help finding recorders.)

LFM 197 12 - 9 sessions
September 10 - November 12 WED 3 - 4 pm
(No class September 24)
SB 115 Instructor: Myra Lewinter Malamut



Chess I: How to Play

Chess I teaches the basics of chess and introduces class members to playing the game, discussing the moves, and determining why the move(s) was appropriate. Members are invited to stay for Chess II immediately afterwards where strategies and tactics will be taught. Optional: Bring a chess board and pieces.

LFG 178 12 - 14 sessions
September 15 - December 15 MON 1:30 - 2:30 pm
SB 115 Instructor: Ken Honeycutt


Chess II: Strategies, Tactics,
Historical Games, and Competition

In Chess II, learn the game's inner strategies and advanced techniques, with the help of electronic tutoring by grandmasters; Josh Waitzkin (the boy portrayed in the movie "Searching for Bobby Fisher") and Larry Christiansen (renowned grandmaster). Learn complex tactics and review famous historical games. Then use all you've learned to challenge classmates in "duels of the mind" competition. Optional: Bring a chess board and pieces.

LFG 379 12 - 14 sessions
September 15 - December 15 MON 2:30 - 4 pm
SB 115 Instructor: Ken Honeycutt



Basic Quilting

Learn to piece and applique a quilt. You will be able to complete a wall hanging. Bring one half-yard each of a solid and small print fabric, washed and ironed. Additional supplies will be discussed at the first meeting. Sewing can be done at home.

LFA 134 12 - 10 sessions
September 15 - November 17 MON 10 am - Noon
BRC 102 Instructors: Maria and Emilia Coelho


Connecting Science to Everyday Life

Session I: What are Genes and how do they work?
Explore genes from evolution to genetically modified organisms (GMOs), to treatments for genetic illnesses.
LFS 147 12 - 4 sessions
September 17 - October 8 WED 2 - 3:30 pm
BRC 114 Instructor: Laura Grayson Roselli

Session II: Advances in Medicine
Explore the history of medicine, how drugs are brought to market, human genome project, stem cell technology, bioethics and other topics. 
LFS 148 12 - 3 sessions
October 15 - October 29 WED 2 - 3:30 pm
BRC 114 Instructor: Laura Grayson Roselli

Session III: Immunity
What makes us sick and how do we get better? Topics such as bacteria and viruses, antibiotics and vaccinations will be explored.
LFS 149 12 - 3 sessions
November 5 - November 19 WED 2 - 3:30 pm
BRC 114 Instructor: Laura Grayson Roselli



Early American Women's History

This course is designed to give participants an overview of Early American Women's History. It will progress from the early 1800s through the Women's Rights Convention in Seneca Falls, and explore the courageous women who led the 72-year fight that finally earned women the right to vote.

LFI 186 12 - 7 sessions
September 16 - December 9 TUE 10 - 11:30 am
PLEASE NOTE: This course is held every other week
BRC 123 Instructor: Jacquelin Agostini, PH.D


Meditate With Us

We are offering a meditation group that will start with a guided visualization followed by 15-20 minutes of silent contemplation. Both beginners and experienced meditators are welcome.

LFH 224 12 - 6 sessions
September 23 - October 28 TUE 12:30 - 1:30 pm
BRC 111
Instructors: Carole Richards and Peggy King

Let's Make Cards

If you enjoy crafts then join me for this weekly greeting card class. Each week, we will make two cards (except week one). You will have cards for many occasions. Have some fun and try something new!

LFA 136 12 - 6 sessions
September 16 - October 21 TUE 11 am - Noon
BRC 101 Instructor: Marci Bensing



Past Lives, Dreams, Soul Travel

Can knowing your past lives and understanding your dreams help you in your everyday life? Discover spiritual tools to help you gain insights into questions like this. This workshop explores ways to resolve everyday problems from a higher view point.

LFH 161 12 - 4 sessions
September 18 - October 9 THU 2 - 4 pm
SB 115 Instructor: Joyce Snyder


Retirement Income Planning

Retirement income planning is all about understanding how much annual income you will need during your retirement years to support the lifestyle that you want and positioning your assets to provide that income.

LFI 224 12 - 1 session
September 18 THU 12:30 - 1:30 pm
BRC 114 Instructor: Joseph Johnson




Bring a skein of worsted yarn and a pair of single point #8 knitting needles about 10-inches long. You will learn to cast on, knit, purl, increase, decrease, and cast off. Then we will use this basic knowledge to make some fancy stitches.

LFA 220 12 - 4 sessions
September 19 - October 10 FRI 10 - 11 am
SB 115 Instructor: Maria and Emilia Coelho


Understand and Manage Your Medical Bills

Demystify and decipher medical jargon, insurance language, and billing mysteries. Identify costly errors and prevent them from happening in the first place. Learn state and federally mandated rights which allows you to access information to find out the basis for your medical charges, insurance denials, appeal processeses, and medical records. Learn the secrets of insurance and pharmacy language, and billing and claims buzz words. Learn to navigate the health care system to obtain the greatest benefit from your medical insurance, avoid excessive medical debt, and become empowered to protect yourself.

LFI 184 12 - 4 sessions
September 22 - October 1
MON and WED 6 - 7 pm
BRC 101 Instructor: Bill Hawker

LFI 185 12 - 4 sessions
October 7 - October 16 TUE and THU 2 - 3 pm
BRC 102 Instructor: Bill Hawker



De Clutter Part III

More eBay: Opening and closing cases for unpaid items and selling internationally. Move on to Craig's List, Amazon, Freecycle, and more. Are you serious about ridding your house of unused items? Join us!

LFG 409 12 - 9 sessions
September 23 - November 18 TUE 10 am - Noon
TEC 300 Instructor: Linda Coughlin


Basic Crochet

Find out how to crochet with basic stitches in order to make many types of items for yourself, as gifts, or for charity. Bring to class a crochet hook size K, 1-2 skeins of acrylic yarn.

LFA 219 12 - 5 sessions
September 25 - November 6 THU 1 - 2:30 pm
(No class October 16 and October 30)
LAUR 312 Instructor: Linda Nasuti

Take Control of your Health

Are you coping with an ongoing Health condition? Are you anxious or depressed or coping with daily pain? Are you providing care for someone with a chronic condition? This workshop is taught by certified trainers in a Stanford University-based program. Set your own goals to improve your health and your life. Find practical ways to deal with pain, fatigue and stress. Discover better nutrition and exercise choices. Get the support you need.

LFH 138 12 - 6 sessions
September 24 - October 29 WED 10 am - Noon
BRC 101



Rocket Fuel Nutrition

Learn how to create endless energy by making better food choices. This power workshop is designed to give you basic details on what to eat and the foods that can harm you.

LFH 119 12 - 1 session
September 25 THU 12:30 - 1:30 pm
SB 115 Instructor: Dr. Joseph Denny


Fun and Games

Like puzzles? Love trivia? Adore oddities? This is for you! Enjoy team competition and lots of fun. Get your brain in gear.

LFG 135 12 - 8 sessions
October 1 - November 19 WED 12:30 - 1:50 pm
BRC 118 Instructor: Rotating




Come out and play a "rummy" type of game using tiles. Not only is it easy to learn, but there are strategies in the game that stimulate the eyes and the mind. It is a very easy game with several layers to make it interesting and keep your mind alert.

LFG 292 12 - 8 sessions
October 3 - November 21 FRI 2 - 4pm
BRC 114 Instructors: Val Donor and Barbara Callahan

Art History

This class will cover art history, starting with the first week covering Rome and the Early Christian Era. The second week the class will cover The Middle Ages and the Renaissance Period.

LFA 100 12 - 2 sessions
October 4 and October 18 S AT Noon - 2pm
BRC 111 Instructor: Jayne Yantz



Discussion with a Touch of Psychology

Topics for discussion will be taken from the class. Please bring a written topic to the first class. The last half hour of class will be optional and is spent with meditation/mind control. "Meet with the shrink and leave in the pink."

LFH 234 12 - 4 sessions
October 7 - October 28 TUE 10 - Noon
BRC 103 Instructor: Dr. Elvira Dicola


Foot and Nail Health

Learn from a licensed and trained beauty expert what you need to know to avoid foot and nail infections and diseases at your local nail salon/spa.

LFH 237 12 - 1 session
October 9 THU 1 - 2:30 pm
BRC 101 Instructor: Leza Davis



Haiku, Sonnets, and a Few Other Great Poems

Compare the three-line Haiku with the more formal 14-line sonnet, with a special focus on the Shakespearian sonnet. We'll also look at a few great poems in other formats; some famous, some not so much.

LFL 181 12 - 5 sessions
October 20 - November 17
MON 12:30 - 1:50 pm
LAUR 134 Instructor: Len Carber

Geography of the World

Explore the geography of the world, its regions, countries and cities emphasizing the geography of South America and Europe.

LFG 182 12 - 2 sessions
October 11 and October 25 S AT Noon - 2pm
BRC 111 Instructor: Larry Liggett



Fire Awareness "Know Your Load"

Learn the application of basic electrical principals to safeguard homes from electrical fires. Discuss types of circuits, evaluate circuits using Ohm's Law, and learn information to be able to isolate and identify different circuits in homes. Printed course materials will be provided.

LFI 240 12 - 1 session
October 21 TUE 10 - 11 am
SB 115 Instructor: Roosevelt Smith

Protect Yourself Against Consumer Fraud and Identity Theft

More than 9.1 million individuals are affected by identity theft annually. Learn how to protect yourself from identity theft and fraud, and what steps to take if it happens to you.

LFI 269 12 - 1 session
October 14 TUE Noon - 1:30 pm
BRC 101 Instructor: Sabrina Umstead Smith



Seven Secrets to Living Longer

Would you like to be living with the vitality you've always dreamed of? Live healthier with quality and dignity by learning some daily practices to help you to live longer.

LFH 446 12 - 1 session
October 23 THU 12:30 - 1:30 pm
BRC 114 Instructor: Dr. Joseph Denny


Women Medical Pioneers

A brief profile of several notable women in history who have made a major impact in medicine. Women discussed will include Elizabeth Blackwell, Florence Nightingale, Clara Barton, Alice Hamilton, Margaret Sanger, and others.

LFG 543 12 - 4 sessions
October 14 - November 4 TUE 2 - 3 pm
SB 115 Instructor: Gary Warga



Introduction to Jewelry Making

Learn the basics of jewelry construction through demos and fun hands-on activity to create a bracelet, necklace, and earrings during class through an introduction to tools, wirework, bead stringing, materials selection, design, and more. PLEASE NOTE: A $13 materials fee is payable to the instructor at the first class.

LFA 137 12 - 3 sessions
October 28 - November 11 TUE 3 - 5 pm
LAUR 312 Instructor: Carol Saraullo


Understanding Your Investments

Designed to help you better understand investments and learn how your money is working for you. Topics to be covered include stocks, bonds, risks, mutual funds, fees, taxes, 401ks, annuities, and wills.

LFI 141 12 - 1 session
October 16 THU Noon - 1 pm
BRC 109 Instructor Joseph Johnson



Forgiveness For You

This is a discussion about forgiveness, and how it affects your life physically, emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually. Participants will also learn how individuals, cultures and religions practice forgiveness and its impact on their lives.

LFH 162 12 - 1 session
November 4 TUE 12:30 - 1:50 pm
BRC 114 Instructor: Sabrina Umstead Smith


Basics of Estate Planning

Estate planning is the process of mapping out how you want your personal and financial matters to be handled during periods of incapacity or at your death. PLEASE NOTE: This course is informational only. An actual estate plan should be implemented with the assistance of an experienced estate planning attorney.

LFI 225 12 - 1 session
November 6 THU Noon - 1 pm
BRC 109 Instructor: Joseph Johnson
MT. LAUREL CAMPUS (continued)



Obesity: The Gateway Disease

Obesity can be a co-factor inviting heart disease, diabetes, mental health disorders, and cancer. Explore options to lessen the incidence of this problem and enjoy the benefits of potential good health.

LFH 128 12 - 1 session
November 6 THU 10 am - Noon
BRC 101 Instructor: Paulette Ritter, MSN, APN


Burlington County Library




Mt. Laurel Library

Exercise Fitness

Focus on strength and flexibility with exercises targeting different parts of the body. This course provides knowledge only. (Instructor is not a certified trained physiologist.) Bring a large towel or mat.

LFH 235 15 - 8 sessions
September 16 - November 4 TUE 10:15 - 11:30 am
Mount Laurel Library Instructor: Harriet Adderley


Understanding Social Security

Social Security is a misunderstood program that can be an important part of your retirement plan when properly utilized. Learn when you should begin to access it, how spouses should plan for payments, how divorcees have access to a former spouse's benefits, and more.

LFI 237 15 - 1 session
September 23 TUE 6:30 - 8 pm
Mount Laurel Library Instructor: William Greenfield

Understanding your Investments

Understanding your Investments is designed to help you better understand investments and learn how your money is working for you. Some topics to be covered include: Stocks, Bonds, Risks, Mutual Funds, Fees, Taxes, 401k's, Annuities and Wills

LFI 141 25 - 1
February 20
THU 12 - 1 pm
Mt. Laurel Library            
Instructor: Joseph Johnson



Multiple Locations

Understanding Reverse Mortgages

An explanation of the requirements to obtain a reverse mortgage and information concerning them. Review the facts of payout options, including safety, FHA requirements, and what funds can be used for.

LFI 400 12 - 1 session
October 3 FRI 1:30 - 2:30 pm
Mt. Laurel - SB 115 Instructor: John Donch

LFI 400 13 - 1 session
October 24 FRI 1:30 - 2:30 pm
Willingboro JFK Senior Center Instructor: John Donch



Life Legacy

Have you thought about leaving a personal record of your family values, personal information, historical insight, financial accounts or personal wishes? This presentation may help you think about these issues.

LFI 241 12 - 1 session
November 7 FRI 1:30 - 2:30 pm
LAUR 209 Instructor: John Donch

LFI 241 1 - 1 session
November 21 FRI 1:30 - 2:30 pm
Willingboro JFK Senior Center Instructor: John Donch


Medicare Basics

As you approach your Medicare age of 65, or if you are already receiving Medicare, it is important to understand the benefits and the options available to you. This class will also explore the State of NJ and local benefits that are available to seniors.

LFI 329 11 - 1 session
September 22 MON Noon - 1 pm
Pemberton - ACAD 104 Instructor: Melissa Dykstra

LFI 329 12 - 1 session
October 7 TUE Noon - 1 pm
Mt. Laurel - LAUR 203 Instructor: Melissa Dykstra

LFI 329 13 - 1 sesison
November 5 WED Noon - 1 pm
Willingboro JFK Senior Center Instructor: Melissa Dykstra

LFI 329 14 - 1 session
October 23 THU Noon - 1 pm
Mt. Holly - HLY 103 Instructor: Melissa Dykstra




Willingboro JFK Senior Center

Mah Jongg I - Learn and Play

Learn as soon as two sessions; then play and join the fun!

LFG 270 13 - 12 sessions
September 18 - December 18 THU 1 - 3:30 pm
(No class November 13 and November 27)
Willingboro JFK Senior Center Instructor: Pat McMahon


Mah Jongg II - Learn and Play

Join the fun! Join the gang! Please bring a current Mah Jongg Card, and if you have one, a Mah Jongg set.

LFG 284 13 - 12 sessions
September 18 - December 18 THU 1 - 3:30 pm
(No class November 13 and November 27)
Willingboro JFK Senior Center Instructor: Pat McMahon



Conversational German

All levels are welcome, no prior knowledge required.  We discuss German culture, history, politics, entertainment, travel, and will show German movies with sub titles.

LFL 128 13 - 7 sessions
October 7 - November 18 TUE 12:30 - 2 pm
(No class November 4)
Willingboro JFK Senior Center Instructor: Georg Erk



The Coffee House

From the mid-1600s, to the mid-1700s, the London Coffee houses buzzed with discussions about politics, books, and businesses - the current events of the day. Besides gray hair, age gives all of us perspectives. Come bring your accumulated knowledge to a lively discussion of current events. "Everyone is talking about the middle class; do we have one?"

LFM 208 13 - 6 sessions
October 1 - November 5 WED 10 am - Noon
Willingboro JFK Senior Center Instructor: Betty Lukis

BCC Mount Holly Center

Letters to my Daughter

Provide a forum to gain/increase the importance of understanding of the father-daughter relationship. We'll explore stages of emotional development, why relationships are so important, and how to increase the well-being of young women through being committed, involved and responsible fathers.

LFI 239 14 - 1 session
September 13 S AT 10 - 11:30am
HLY 115 Instructor: Deirdre Bey



Can't Live Without Books

Discussion on the following books, to be read before class: “The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein; “Upstairs at the Whitehouse: My life with the First Ladies by J.B West; and Mary Lynn Kotz; “The Confabulist: A novel by Steven Galloway; and “Longbournby Jo Baker.

LFG 274 14 - 4 sessions
September 12, October 10,
November 14, December 12                              
FRI 11- Noon
HLY 103
Instructor: Tina Hoffman

Mystery Book Club

Reading and discussing the following mystery novels: "Bury Your Dead" by Louise Penny; "The Baker Street Letters" by Michael Robertson; and "Afterwards" by Rosamund Lupton.

LFG 216 14 - 3 sessions
September 26, October 24, and
December 1 (PLEASE NOTE: DEC 1 is a Monday) FRI 11 am - Noon
HLY 103 Instructor: Doug Olsen





Westampton Burlington County Library

Classic Science Fiction/Fantasy Films

The class will view and discuss time travel films: "Time after Time," "Midnight in Paris," "About Time," and "Winter's Tale." 

LFG 243 16 - 4 sessions
September 19, October 17, November 21,
and December 19 FRI 10 am - 12:30 pm
Westampton Burlington County Library Instructor: Doug Olsen



Alfred Hitchcock: The Master
of Cinematic Suspense

The class will view three of Hitchcock's finest movies ending with a true thriller in honor of Halloween. Come view and discuss the cinematic suspense that Hitchcock was known for bringing to his movies.

LFG 331 16 - 3 sessions
September 26, October 24,
and October 31 FRI 10 am - 12:30 pm
Westampton Burlington County Library
Instructor: Brooke Mailhiot, BCC Adjunct


Tai Chi for Health I

Increase your energy through gentle movements that will help improve your quality of life and effectively relieve pain. Safe and easily adjusted for any degree of exertion and all levels of ability.

LFH 241 16 - 12 sessions
September 16 - December 16  TUE 2 - 3 pm
(No class: September 30)
Westampton Recreation Center
Instructor: Elena McAllister



Tai Chi for Health II

Movements are refined from Tai Chi and continue into Tai Chi II. Tai Chi II. Up your energy and improve your health. You must have taken Tai Chi I.

LFH 242 16 - 12 sessions
September 16 - December 16  TUE 3 - 4 pm
(No class: September 30)
Westampton Recreation Center
Instructor: Elena McAllister


The Movie Critic

Films about uptight men meeting delightfully uninhibited women: ”Sweet November”(1968), “Silver Linings Playbook” (2012), “At Middleton” (2012).

LFG 244 16 - 3 sessions
October 3, November 7,
December 5  FRI 10 - 12:30 pm
Westampton Burlington County Library
Instructor: Doug Olsen





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