Academic Training and Research Interests

Academic Background

Art History Teacher & Tang Horses

Art History Teacher and Tang Horses, China 7th-10 Century, at the University of Pennsylvania Museum
Research Interests

What interests me most in Art History is learning to "read" an art object to find out what it can tell me about the people who made it. Art objects are not just beautiful objects; they are also social, cultural and historical documents. I spend most of my time studying those relationships, usually by traveling to museums to view original works of art, or by traveling to sites where I can see objects in their original  locations, which helps me understand the objects much more clearly. Working with original objects is the ultimate test, in fact,  whether the object is in a college and university collection, local gallery or museum: What is the object? Who made it? What does it tell us about the persons(s) who made it?  With this in mind, here are my special areas of research at present:

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