History 268: Islam--History, Culture and  Art

Stucco Decoration at the Alhambra, Granada, Spain

Welcome to the Home Page for Islam: History, Culture and Art.  This new and exciting course is an introduction to Islam from its inception in the 7th century to the present.  Students will examine the historical development, spread and significance of Islam as a religious, social and political force.  The course will also explore the major contributions of Islamic civilization, including art and architecture, which will be investigated as expressions of the basic beliefs behind this major world religion and the people who practice it.

History 268 is an excellent course for art or history majors, or for anyone with an interest in world religions, art, culture or politics.  There is an immediate need to understand Islam and its various expressions around the world.  This course is intended to help students learn about Islam as a faith and to appreciate how that faith is practiced around the world today.  Currently, this new course   serves as an elective. Consult with your transfer institution to find out if this course will transfer   toward your four-year degree.

History 268 is a team-taught course. Dr. Ronald Covil will be teaching the history portion of the course and Prof. Jayne Yantz will be covering Islamic Art and Architecture. A museum trip and a trip to a mosque are planned.

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