Art Links

Here are some good web locations.  Please e-mail me if you find others to add to this page. The links can be career-related sites, good locations to find pictures, or news sources.
This is the official site for the College Art Association, which has career information. CAA has student rates; so consider joining, if you are an Art Major.
This page is part of the Philadelphia Museum of Art web site.  It list various jobs, volunteer activities and internships at the museum.  If you are a student looking for experience, click on internships or volunteer activities.  Either could begin your career in the world of museums.

Guan-Yin, Follower of Buddha.
Princeton University Museum Collection
Visit "Museums" below for web address.
For local museums, click here.  In addition to information about exhibitions, most museum sites list information about jobs, including volunteer activities that will earn you experience in the world of museums. Good choices include Moma and the Met.  Both have opportunities for students.
An international paper that reports on art news around the world.

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