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Monet, Garden at Sainte-Adresse, 1867
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Welcome to the Home Page for Art 251 (Art History II). This course covers art work created from 1550 to the present,  including a discussion of the development of modern art. Highlights include masterpieces from around the world, such as Rodin's Thinker,  Michelangelo's Late Pieta, Rembrandt's Anatomy Lesson, the great Aztec Mother Goddess, Goya's Disasters of War, photographs by Curtis of North American Indians, Mr. Eiffel's tower, Degas' Little Dancer, Munch's haunting Death of Marat, and Tiffany's glass lamps. We consider fantasy art (including Dali), women artists (such as O'Keeffe) and the history of photography. We also debate what makes good modern art, including a discussion of the Pop images of Warhol, the Abstract Expressionist works of De Kooning, and art and architecture being made today.       
Art 251 transfers easily to most four-year schools, and is an ideal course for all students in the arts (majors in art, photography, fashion design, graphic design and any other art-related field) and students in other areas of the Liberal Arts, notably history, philosophy, religion, political science, education, anthropology, and psychology. For Graphic Design students working toward a certificate, this course is suggested instead of Art 250, if you plan to take only one Art History class.  This course also fulfills a General Education Requirement. 


Art 251 Syllabus
The Art Market
Image Bank
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
The Philadelphia Museum of Art
The Rodin Museum

Matisse, The Dance, 1909, The Museum of Modern Art

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