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Stonehenge after sunrise with the Art History Teacher
Welcome to the Home Page for Art 250 (Art History I). This course covers art work created from 30,000 BCE to 1550, from our beginnings through the Renaissance. Highlights include masterpieces from around the world, such as the Great Pyramids, Greek and Roman sculpture, Irish High Crosses, Gothic Cathedrals, Buddhist and Hindu carvings, Chinese tomb figures, Mayan pyramids, Islamic palaces in Spain, and works of the Italian High Renaissance, including the notebooks of Leonardo and the amazing statue of David carved by Michelangelo.

Art 250 transfers easily to most four-year schools, and is an ideal course for all students in the arts (majors in art, photography, fashion design, computer graphics and any other art-related field) and students in other areas of the Liberal Arts, notably history, philosophy, religion, political science, education, anthropology, and psychology.   This course also fulfills a General Education Requirement.

Art 250 Syllabus
Image Bank
Repatriation: The Parthenon Marbles
University Museum, Penn                                         

Beauvais Cathedral Interior  Beauvais Cathedral, from France in the 13th century, reflects the Gothic desire to reach the heavens. Unfortunately for the builders of Beauvais, they reached too high. Constructed to a soaring height of 157 feet, the stone ceiling collapsed in the choir in 1272. Partly due to this disaster, Beauvais Cathedral was never completed. Beauvais still contains some of its original 13th century stained glass, which sets the mood to transport visitors to a sacred refuge, a spiritual place closer to the heavens--even it its unfinished state.

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