The ingredients that heighten the intrinsic satisfaction I derive from my work center on themes of affiliation, independence, moral fulfillment, diversity and recognition.  It is when these conditions exist that I achieve my greatest accomplishments and make my most significant contributions.

My six years of self-employment in private practice taught me how greatly I value close working relationships with peers and colleagues.  While my private work afforded me exposure to self-employment, I experienced the isolation and the void of team work and group support.  Sharing a professional identity as a member of a respected organization is important to me.  I have also found great satisfaction in my role as supervisor and mentor whether in a clinical or academic environment.  Assisting others with their professional development is rewarding.  What I learned about myself during my years of private practice is that meaningful connections with others are an important motivator for me.

Conversely, I enjoy being able to determine the nature of my work without significant direction from others.  I appreciate autonomy and the ability to make important decisions and influence courses of action.  I am highly productive when working alone.  I thrive in a position that balances daily interactions with others with opportunity to organize my ideas and complete assignments independently.

In my professional career, I have engaged solely in activities that have contributed directly to the betterment of the community.  I am a person who helps others through my work as a counselor, educator and mentor.  I receive tremendous moral fulfillment knowing I have a direct and positive influence on the lives of those around me.  My professional work contributes to the strength of my integrity and character.

I gravitate toward opportunities that offer diverse responsibilities.  Variety and freedom for creative expression provide a perfect fit with my personality.  I frequently volunteer for assignments that allow me to create new ideas, programs and organizational structures.  Routine and stability offer security but a range of activity offers me excitement and opportunity for growth.

I take pride in my work and set high expectations for my own performance.  I appreciate the recognition I receive for those talents I possess above those of the average person.  I am involved in work that allows me to demonstrate high intellect and competence because all of these elements are present in my working environment.

Unpublished work copyright 2003-2009 Brina Friedma

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