Burlington County College students graduating with an AAS.HUS degree should be knowledgeable in the following areas:

Eligibility Determination
Behavioral Techniques
Preparation for Transition
Plan Service Delivery Program
Explains Service Plan
Personal Living Skills
Data Handling / Case Planning
Conducts Activity Program
Service Referral
Problem Identification-Linkage
Nurtures Client
Monitors Medication
Transfer Responsibility
Advocates for New Programs
Monitoring Client Placement
Team Review
Client Advocacy
Monitors Treatment
Group Therapy
Fiscal Management
Facilitating Changes in Client Behavior
Observing, Recording and Interpreting Behavior
Staff Development / Training
Interactive Communication
Facilitating Group Problem Solving & Decision Making
Facilitating Learning Experiences in a Group Setting
Managing and Communicating Policy-Related Data
Home Visitation / Follow-up
Vocational Training & Job Placement
Violent or Destructive Behavior Control
Logistics – Supplies & Equipment
Staff Supervision
Personnel Functions:  Recruitment / Selection
Personnel Functions:  Employee Relations
Research / Evaluation
Psychosocial Assessment
Providing Information in Written Form
Obtaining Information From Recorded Material

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