Current GEM Courses Offered

Sections of the following courses are offered online every semester and most are available on-campus. Clicking on the course title will open the course outline pdf file in a new window.

Oral Communication
SPE102 - Public Speaking


Written Communication
ENG101 - College Composition I


MTH107 - Introduction to Statistics


Social Science
SOC101 - Principles of Sociology
PSY101 - Introduction to Psychology
POL 101 - American Government & Politics
ANT 102 - Intro to Cultural Anthropology
ECO 203 - Prin of Microeconomics
ECO 204 - Prin of Macroeconomics
SOC 205 - Marriage and the Family


MUS101 - Introduction to Music
ART101 - Introduction to Art
CIN 109 - American Cinema
PHI 101 - Introduction to Philosophy
SPA 101 - Elementary Spanish I
THR 101 - Introduction to Theatre


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