United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Extra Credit Exercises


In order to receive credit for this assignment, you are expected to produce a document which justifies three to four hours’ work.  The completion of these exercises does not in itself guarantee you credit; it will be evaluated for relevance and creativity.  The following questions will provide starting points for response or reaction to the Museum’s exhibitions, displays and architecture.  You are not required to respond to all of the questions, and you may of course incorporate other considerations not listed below. Potential submissions include essays, poems, artwork, and/or other audio or visual creative expressions.


·       What were your Museum expectations and how might they have been different from your actual experience?

·       What were your general feelings, reactions, or responses to what you experienced?

·       From a professional/scholarly point of view, what was the most significant aspect of the Museum?

·       From a personal standpoint, what part of the Museum made the greatest impact on you?

·       What was the most memorable, troubling, or fascinating aspect of your trip to the Museum?

·       How has your Museum experience changed your understanding or appreciation of the events of the Holocaust?

·       Why should others experience the Museum (or not)?

·       How can the Museum’s exhibitions be related to what you have read in class?

·       What particular photographs were especially meaningful or expressive?

·        How does the Museum’s internal or external architecture—or the qualities of the tour itself—illustrate what you believe to be its mission?