Comma Splice / Run-on Sentence Exercise

Write “CS” if the item displays a comma splice, “ROS” if it is a run-on (fused), and a “check” if it is correct. Be prepared to suggest how to make corrections.


____1.  Classes start on August 28th this year, the last day of class before finals start is December 8th.

____2.  I have tried to qualify for Who Wants to Be a Millionaire seven times, but I can never answer the questions quickly enough.

____3.  Students sometimes complain about the food in the cafeteria, however, there is always something to please most students.

____4.  Since Amanda has volleyball practice everyday at 3:00, she can’t take late afternoon classes.

____5.  Jason wants to try out for the play in the fall, he acted a lot in high school, and several people have told him he is very talented.

____6.  Dr. Samarco will be teaching Media Ethics next semester it’s definitely a class you should take if you are thinking of minoring in journalism.

____7.  Leonardo DiCaprio is one of my favorite actors, I have seen Romeo and Juliet eight times because of him.

____8.  Email is changing the way we communicate in the twentieth-century, and some experts predict that people will talk to each other even less in the future.

____9.  The reason we did not buy a new car last spring is that we like this year’s model better.

____10.     This mahogany table has been in our family for over a hundred years it was built by my great grandfather.