Pronoun Agreement Exercise    

Choose the correct word(s) to complete the sentences.


1. Either of his brothers can join us if (he wants / they want).

2. Both Bill and Tony write (his mother / their mothers) twice a week from boot camp.

3. Neither of the dogs in the cage felt happy to be away from (its / their) parents.

4. American citizens must protect (its / their / his) rights.

5. Every person should have (his or her / their) own savings account.

6. Anyone can bring (her / their) parents to the meeting if desired.

7. All of the people took (his or her / their) time to get the work done.

8. None of the celebrities showed (his or her / their) appreciation for the welcome.

9. It seems that television programmers are not concerned with (its / their) viewers.

10. One of the students offered (her / their) help to the new kid in class.

11. If the owner of the shop opened for business before the holidays, (he / they) should see quite a profit.

12. Someone must have been here before because (he or she / they) left crumbs on the table.

13. Everybody should try (his / their) best no matter what the situation.

14. When a member of the group wants to speak, (he needs / they need) to be allowed to do so.

15. If a player feels (she is / they are) not being treated fairly, (she needs / they need) to tell the coach.