RESEARCH FEEDBACK SHEET                                                      NAME_________________________________________

NOTE: Any item followed by a * is unrevisable.


Content—10 points


Effective Argumentative Title


Introduction (including stated or implied thesis)


Coherence of Body (paper is understandable and meaningful)


Unity of Body (paper maintains singular focus of thesis or question and moves toward this end)


Tone (voice is academically appropriate and not too casual)


Conclusion (appropriate restatement of main points without repetition)




External Organization and Assignment Guidelines—10 points


Electronic submission


1250-1500 words of research text


Appropriate font and point size; minimum use of italic or underlining for emphasis


Left-justify entire research document; one-inch margins throughout all pages


Double-spacing; pages numbered appropriately in upper right-hand corner


Cover page with title; name, course name, instructor’s name, submission date, word count


Paper stapled; no paper clips, folders or external covers




Diction and Mechanics—10 points


Point of View










Sentence Construction




Research and MLA Documentation—10 points




Assimilation of sources (introduce and interpret every piece of external information used)


Minimum five credible secondary sources


Attach photocopies of all secondary sources with all citations highlighted


Concession and rebuttal of any secondary opinions cited (paragraphs end with your comments)


“3-to-1” ratio (entire paper must range from 20% to 30% secondary source information)


Application of MLA style of documentation (minimal reference to appropriate documentation style)


Parenthetical citations include only the author’s last name and a page number (or portion of title as appropriate); no date and no comma or other marks inside parenthesis; period follows citations used in the body of the text


Block indent long quotations (start on a new line, indent two tabs—one inch, do not use quotation marks, follow quotation with a period, provide the parenthetical citation)


Works Cited entries each begin at left margin; subsequent lines indented one tab space (half inch)


Works Cited entries organized alphabetically by last name of the first author (or editor) listed on the source (do not rearrange names as they appear on the original source)


Use only one city in Works Cited entry


Use correct punctuation within Works Cited entries according to MLA


When using more than one book by the same author, substitute 3 dashes (---) for the name each time after the first time, then list alphabetically by the titles


Titles of books or periodicals are underlined


Titles of articles from periodicals or titles of essays from books appear in quotation marks


Two dates for online source entries (date of publication / revision and the date of access)


All entries must identify source, not merely a web pageMust name a newspaper, magazine, website, or e-text book and document accordingly; the “internet” itself is not a source