J. Alexander (ENG 101)
College Composition I

Argumentative Research Paper

Students will produce a scholarly research paper of at least 1250 words with a minimum of five relevant secondary sources. These sources must be documented according to the Modern Language Association style for citing information. Sample argumentative research topics are available by clicking here. Topics must be restricted enough to be accomplished in five to six pages. Be sure to check out the following helpful sites:

"The Research Room" from Empire State University
Common Pitfalls of the Research Process
Purdue’s Online Writing Lab

Independent research schedules for students who need/want more formal deadlines

The submitted research paper should be organized as follows:

Appendix: Students must submit photocopies of all pages of secondary sources from which citations were taken. Students are NOT to include all pages from all sources; rather, they must photocopy/print only the pages from which information was borrowed directly or indirectly and highlight the borrowed information on the photocopy. If the name of the source and original page number are not present on the photocopied page, these must be written into the margin where appropriate. The Appendix may be submitted as a separate packet (stapled and identified by name) since it may prove too thick to staple with the research paper.

Essay Formatting:

REDUNDANT ELECTRONIC SUBMISSION: You are also to submit your paper electronically, either via e-mail (as a Microsoft Word attachment) or on a floppy diskette, compact disc, or flash drive. Disks must be submitted in class the same day as the paper version is submitted (see syllabus for date). E-mail submissions must be received no later than 8:00pm on the date the paper is due. If you do not receive a reply to your e-mailed submission, it was never received and must be submitted on disk immediately.

Research Paper Evaluation Procedures: See the online rubric for more information.