Sometimes in life, people have to choose between taking the path less traveled or the one that everyone else had already trampled clear of obstruction. Sometimes jumping onto the bandwagon is the easiest path to take, and perhaps that’s why people choose to do so.  I found myself at such a crossroad near the end of my freshman year of high school. I was looking for a place to fit into the high school environment. Coincidentally, that spring, I tried out for the track team and made friends with some guys who belonged to the high school Christian ministry called “Young Life.” I figured that I had two choices: I could go along with everything these guys were involved in and build friendships with them, or I could avoid the situation and go back to “square one.” My choice was to conform and play the part of a “Christian.” While my decision may have originally provided opportunities to make friends and fit in with a particular group, it also forced me to create a false faith—a much worse consequence—as empty relationships were fabricated in various aspects of my life.