J. Alexander (ENG 101)
College Composition I

Argumentative Essay Two

Students will write this 750-word argumentative essay on the topic listed below. An essay is argumentative when it:

  1. is written on a topic that can have at least two viewpoints,
  2. establishes a thesis or goal, and
  3. provides detailed support to reach this goal.

Any essays which are not argumentative, no matter how beautifully written, will be considered unsatisfactory. An essay outline is helpful to gather thoughts and organize your work--click here to access a blank essay outline.

Click here for a Guide to Common Proofreading Marks.
Click here for a Checklist for Writing Essays.
Click here for a sample student essay.

Each essay must conform to the following guidelines:

  • Must be between 750 and 1000 words
  • Must be typed
  • Must be double-spaced
  • Must have a cover page with name, date, title, and word count
  • Must be stapled (no paper clips or alligator clips)
  • Must be argumentative (see above)
  • Must be free of errors in spelling, sentence mechanics and usage

To understand more fully how essays will be evaluated and to see how better to produce an effective document, click here to visit the “Model for Evaluation of Student Writing”. It is highly recommended that you consult the writing lab for assistance and proofread the essay carefully. Careless errors are the worst kind and make the writer appear to have little self-respect.

Having read the book The Sunflower and some of the commentaries in the book, you are to write your own response to Wiesenthal’s question “What should I have done?” [or “what would you have done in the same situation?”]. Give reasons and arguments for your decision. Be sure to make perfectly clear how you interpret the conflict between the demand for justice and the need for forgiveness. As well, in your essay you must make either direct or indirect reference to two of the commentaries (though they do not necessarily have to be the two you were assigned to evaluate). The references you make from the commentaries may either serve as support or rebuttal of your opinion. You do not need a works cited page for this essay, but you must provide accurate parenthetical citations (including author last name and page number) within the body of the essay.