Prepared by: the Office of the Registrar
Burlington County College
Last Updated: 08/23/2004


All grades are submitted via electronic grade submission.  This handbook is designed to supplement the training already provided to faculty.  The handbook and the training session hand-outs with representations of screens are posted on the web site at http://staff.bcc.edu/etc/ by clicking on the “Resources” link.  Please review these materials carefully before submitting grades electronically.  Electronic grades submission is mandatory.  The Registration office does not accept paper grade submissions.

When to Submit Grades

Once classes are over, faculty members can submit their grades 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  All grades are due no later than 8:00 AM on the third day after the semester or term ends. (One of the advantages of electronic grades transmission is that faculty have more time to submit grades because we do not have to allow time for manual entry of grades by Registration staff.)  Please understand that grades will be available to students immediately after the Registration staff lock in the grades on a daily basis.  Students will be looking for their grades on-line.  Your assistance in getting grades in promptly will be greatly appreciated by students and the Registration office staff.  The Registration staff will run a report on third day after the end of the semester or term to identify any faculty members who have not submitted grades.  The report will be submitted to Vice President Patschke for his information and action.

Where to Use Electronic Grade Transmission

You may submit grades electronically from your home computer or from any of the on campus computers in the ETC lab in Pemberton, computer labs at all campuses, campus faculty office computers or the computers in the work-stations at the student services offices in Mount Laurel.  Please refer to the materials on the web site for information on the web site for the standards required to submit from your home computer.  These include almost any computer connected to the Internet using a web browser such as Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator version 5 or higher set to accept (which are not stored on your machine.)


If you cannot access WebAdvisor from your home computer, and you are certain that you are following the directions to achieve access, please use college facilities to submit grades.  We cannot provide technical assistance for an individual's computer connection problems.

If you have changed your password and don’t remember it, or you are having technical difficulties with a college owned computer, please contact the Office of Information Technology’s Help Desk at Extension 7304.  The Help Desk is open 24 hours, seven days a week. They also have a special e-mail address set-up for WebAdvisor specific problems. That e-mail address is wahelp@bcc.edu. OIT's general helpdesk can be reached by e-mail to helpdesk@bcc.edu.


Please remember that confidential information about students is displayed on the WebAdvisor screens.  Enter grades in an environment that protects student privacy.  Never leave the screen unattended.

Logging Into Faculty WebAdvisor

Please refer to the WebAdvisor training hand-out for complete details on logging into Faculty WebAdvisor.  Each faculty member has an account set with a "default" user name and password. Refer to the WebAdvisor Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for more information. Your User Name is all in lower case and consists of your first name, followed by your entire last name as recorded in the BCC mainframe.  There are no spaces anywhere in your User Name.  Therefore, someone named Marguerite Alexanian would have the user name marguerite_alexanian.  Your default Password is your birth date in the "mmddyy" format.  There are no spaces and no punctuation anywhere in your Password.  Therefore, if your birth date is June 1, 2001, your Password is 060101.

You may change your password at any time from the link in the User Account section of the WebAdvisor for Faculty screen.


If you are certain that you have followed the directions using the correct User Name and Password in the correct format, and are still unable to access your account, please send an e-mail to wahelp@bcc.edu.



If a student has been attending your class but does not appear on the roster, please contact the Registrar’s Office immediately.  You cannot add students to your roster using WebAdvisor.

The only students who appear on the roster are students who are currently enrolled in the course.  Any student who officially dropped or withdrew from the class will not appear on the roster.

Students who have been auditing the course will already have an "AU" in the grade column.  You cannot change a grade of "AU" and you cannot enter a grade of "AU" for a student who is not enrolled as an audit student. 

Entering Grades

Please refer to the training hand-out on the web site for complete instructions on entering grades.

The following are some selected notes on grading that may assist you:

  1. The grading screen is not case sensitive.  You can enter grades in lower or upper case.

  2. To move from one student to the next, use the tab key or your mouse.  Do not use the enter key to navigate through your roster.  Using the enter key will submit the grades and you will need to start over again to bring the roster back for further grade entry.

  3. You may grade as many or as few students as you wish before clicking submit.

  4. Do not make any entries in the "expire date" column.  This field should be left blank.

  5. The system is set to log out a user automatically if there has been no submission activity for twenty minutes.  Therefore, if you are entering grades and you do not click Submit within twenty minutes from the time you started, you will need to log in and start over.

  6. Once you click Submit on the grading screen, you should receive the message: "Your process is complete; press the menu button to continue."   If you receive an error message, you must correct the error and click Submit again before WebAdvisor will accept any of the grades you have entered for the course. As an extra review step, complete all the grading for a course, log out, and then log back in to be certain that all your grades have been recorded before logging out for the final time.

  7. When you have completed all of your transactions on WebAdvisor, make sure you log out by clicking the Log Out button in the upper right hand corner of your screen.

Valid Grades

Every student must receive a grade.  Do not leave any blanks.  Valid BCC grades are as follows:

For College Level Courses, valid grades are A, B+, B, C+, C, D, F, NA, I ( with signed contract) and X (with signed contract).  Use NA only if the student has never attended the class, but appears on the roster.  (Use the F grade for students who have attended your class at least once).

You cannot use O, P or U for college level courses.

For Developmental courses valid grades are O, P, U, NA, I (with signed contract) or X (with signed contract).

Please refer to the college catalog for complete definitions of valid grades.

I and X contracts must be submitted.  If you enter the grade of I or X for a student, you must submit the appropriate contract signed by you and the student to Claudia Collins in the Registration office.  You have five working days after the electronic submission of grades to submit I or X contracts.  After that date, the Registration office will run a report on missing I and X contracts and submit that report to Vice President Patschke for his information and action.

If you have any questions about valid grades, please contact Claudia Collins in the Registration office at ccollins@bcc.edu.

Changing or Correcting Grades

The Registration office will lock in grades at least once daily, usually sometime in the afternoon.  You may change a grade through WebAdvisor at any time up to the time the grades are locked in.  After the grades are locked in, you must submit a signed paper change of grade form to your academic division.  Please be aware that students will be able to access their grades on line immediately following the Registration office locking in the grades.  If you make a mistake in entering a grade, please act promptly to fix it.

Student Questions and Issues

Student questions and issues regarding their grades will be referred directly to faculty members. Record retention for grading materials is a faculty responsibility.  Students have one year to challenge or question a grade.  Please retain the information you used to determine the student’s grade (and your own record of that grade) for a period of not less than one year.