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Procedure Concerning Reservist Military Students Involuntarily Activated for Military Service

A student who is a member of the New Jersey National Guard or of the Reserve component of the Armed Forces of the United States and who is unable to complete a course at Burlington County College because the student is called to active duty as a consequence of Operation Noble Eagle, Operation Enduring Freedom, or Operation Iraqi Freedom, shall be entitled to the following options:

  1. A student who has completed at least eight weeks of attendance in a semester course may choose to:
    1. Receive a letter grade
    2. Receive a grade of pass or fail
    3. Receive a grade of incomplete
    4. Withdraw from the course
  2. A student who has completed less than eight weeks of attendance in a semester course may choose to:
    1. Receive a grade of incomplete
    2. Withdraw from the course
  3. A letter grade or a grade of pass shall only be awarded if, in the opinion of the instructor of the course, the student has completed sufficient work, and there is sufficient evidence of progress toward meeting the requirements of the course, to justify the grade.
  4. A grade of incomplete shall remain valid for a period of one year after the student returns to BCC.
  5. A student who chooses to accept a grade of pass or fail may, within one year of returning to BCC, receive a letter grade for the course by completing the work required for the course, in which case the letter grade shall replace the pass or fail grade as the studentís grade for the course.
  6. A student who chooses to withdraw from a course shall receive a full refund of tuition and fees attributable to that course.
  7. Any refund payable to a student who is a financial aid recipient shall be subject to the applicable state and federal regulations regarding refunds.

The procedure for active duty military who are unexpectedly deployed is similar to the one shown above. Active duty deployed must provide a copy of their orders, fill out a "military appeal" form, and forward both to the BCC Registrar for consideration.

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