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Resolving Concerns at BCC

We encourage all members of the Burlington County College (BCC) community to adhere to the common-sense principle of resolving concerns at the lowest appropriate level.† Using the table below, please start with Tier I and move upward only if no resolution is possible at that level.† In other words, all individuals should attempt to resolve concerns with the person or department closest and most familiar with the issue rather than jumping immediately to that individualís supervisor.† Failure to start at the lowest appropriate level may slow down an effective resolution of your concern. Please allow ample time for concern resolution at each level before escalating your concern to the next higher level.

If you have any questions about this topic, or need contact information for any individual or entity listed here, please reach out to the BCC Office of Distance Education and we will do our best to assist you.


Academic Concerns

Such as: grades, course materials, faculty members, assignments and assessments, course scheduling etc.

Administrative Concerns

Such as registration, payment, textbooks, college services, college facilities or equipment

Tier I

Contact the Faculty Member(s) actually teaching the course.†

If you are currently enrolled it may be faster to contact your instructor through Blackboard, however all BCC faculty members also have a BCC provided email address as well.

Faculty may be able to assist students who have concerns touching on administrative issues, but may need to refer students to the Tier II departments listed below.†

Students are also welcome to reach out to these departments directly.

Tier II

Contact the Division Dean for the course discipline area.


The Dean of Liberal Arts is: Dr. Nichole Bennett-Bealer.

The Division of Liberal Arts includes disciplines such as:
Accounting, Anthropology, Art, American Sign Language, Business Administration, College Success, Communications, Criminal Justice, Developmental English, Developmental Reading, Economics, Education, English, Entrepreneurship, English as a Second Language, Entertainment Technologies, History, International Studies, Interpreter Education, Journalism, Literature, Music, Paralegal, Philosophy, Photography, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Speech, Theatre and World Languages.


The Dean of Science, Mathematics and Technology is: Dr. Anand Ramaswami.

The Division of Science, Mathematics and Technology includes disciplines such as:
Automotive Technology, Biology, Biotechnology, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Civil Engineering Technology, Computer Aided Drafting & Design Technology, Computer Management Information Systems, Computer Science, Computer Servicing & Networking Technology, Construction Management, Dental Hygiene, Diagnostic Medical Sonography, Electrical Engineering Technology, Engineering, Environmental Science, Fashion Design, Fire Science Technology, General Science, Geospatial Technology, Graphic Design and Digital Media, Health Information Technology, Hearing Instrument Sciences, Human Services, Information Systems, Mathematics, Nursing, Physics, Radiography, Respiratory Therapy and Technical Studies.†

Contact the appropriate Department, listed below.


Admission, Registration, Enrollment, Transcripts:
Office of Admissions & Registration


Academic Advising:
Academic Advising, Counseling & Crisis Team


Financial Aid:
Financial Aid


Billing and payment:
Business Office




WebAdvisor and Email:
Student Help Desk


Office of Distance Education*


Library / Learning Resources:


Military and Veteranís Services:
Military Education and Veterans Services


*Distance Education and the Library report to the Provost.

Tier III

Contact BCC's Interim President, Dr. David I. Spang.

Contact the appropriate BCC Vice President for the area of concern.


Ms. Rebecca Corbin, Vice President of Institutional Advancement & Exe Director of the Foundation

Mr. Dennis Haggerty, Vice President of Administration

Dr. Terrence Hardee, Vice President for Student Success

Dr. Beverly Richardson, Interim Vice President of Special Projects


Tier IV

Contact BCC's Interim President, Dr. David I. Spang.


Additional Information

We are confident that all concerns can be resolved within the college.† If, however, after making every reasonable effort, students or prospective students are unable to resolve their concerns using the table above, they may have recourse to submit a complaint to the appropriate agency within the state where they currently reside, or to the collegeís accreditation agency, or in the case of military/veteran students, spouses or dependents to the US Department of Defense. Please note that most (if not all) of the external complaint processes require that the student or prospective student documents a good faith effort to resolve the concern within the college before the external agency will consider the complaint.

Burlington County College is a public community college accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education and approved by the State of New Jersey.† BCC is not currently licensed or approved by any other state.

A Student Complaint Information by State and Agency list that provides contact information for state education agencies has been compiled by the State Higher Education Executive Officers (SHEEO), and it will be updated as additional information becomes available.† The appropriate agency within a studentís current state of residence may be able to assist with complaint resolution if the student has exhausted every reasonable means of addressing concerns within the college.

The Middle States Commission on Higher Education, BCCís accreditation agency, is obligated by federal regulations to review complaints it receives regarding member and candidate institutions.† Before filing a complaint, however, it is strongly recommended that everyone read the Commissionís complaints policy.

Members of the Unites States military, veterans, spouses and dependents may submit a complaint to the Department of Defense.† For more information visit http://www.militaryonesource.mil/voluntary-education/complaint and carefully read the information there before submitting your concerns.


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