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Basic Knife Skills
This course will cover the basics of knife selection
handling and care. We will cover basic knife cuts, and
you will receive an 8-inch chef's knife to keep at the
end of the class. $119
CFH 210 75 - 1 session Mt. Holly
S 10 am - 1 pm Oct 18

Comfort Food
What is comfort food? It's something that makes us
feel warm inside and brings back memories of home.
In this class you will create dishes that will make you
want to curl up in front of a roaring fire. Skills and
techniques: Learn how to make the most satisfying
beef stew, creamy mashed potatoes and a modern
take on apple pie. $89
CFH 164 01 - 1 session Mt. Holly
S 10 am - 1 pm Nov 1



Homemade Pasta & Sauce
Now, that's Italian! In this short course we will learn
how to make homemade pasta and hand rolled
gnocci. We also will cover sauce basics, and make
homemade Italian style pork sausage and meatballs.
CFH 120 75 - 1 session Mt. Holly
S 10 am - 1 pm Nov 15

Vegetarian Cooking for Non-Vegetarians
Eating healthy doesn't have to be boring or bland.
This course will expose you to the great flavors and
textures that are a part of a vegetarian diet, while
dispelling the myths that it is not filling. Seasonal
and local ingredient usage will be a large part of the
class, as well as an emphasis on complete meals and
ensuring enough protein consumption to maintain a
healthy diet. $89
CFH 127 75 - 1 session Mt. Holly
S 10 am - 1 pm Dec 6




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