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Basic Knife Skills
This course will cover the basics of knife selection handling and care. We will cover basic knife cuts, and you will receive an 8-inch chef’s knife to keep at the end of the class. $119 CFH 210 75 – 1 session Mt. Holly S 1 – 4 pm Feb 1

Bread Boot Camp
Do you like good bread but don’t have a machine to make the dough? This class will teach you all you need to know about making fantastic breads with no tools but your own hands. The five weeks of class will cover all aspects from mixing basic French bread, developing your own sour dough, making your own sandwich breads (including hot dogs and hamburger buns), pizza, focaccias, as well as sweet doughs for cinnamon buns and doughnuts. This is a 5-week course with limited space, so sign up early. $299 CFH 153 75 – 5 sessions Mt. Holly S 1 – 4 pm Apr 5 – May 10 (No class Apr 19)

Cake Baking & Decorating
Throughout the five sessions of this course, you will learn how to bake a cake from scratch and create French butter-cream, assemble a tiered cake, plus basic buttercream piping techniques, flowers and borders. Don’t forget about fondant! Learn how to make amazing hand-shaped flowers, beautiful borders and bold accents using these easy-to-shape icings, plus cover a tiered cake for the final class that will showcase your skills. $299 CFH 144 75 – 5 sessions Mt. Holly S 1 – 4 pm Feb 22 – Mar 29 (No class Mar 22)

NEW! Comfort Food
What is comfort food? It’s something that makes us feel warm inside and brings back memories of home. In this class you will create dishes that will make you want to curl up in front of a roaring fire. Skills and Techniques; Learn how to make the most satisfying beef stew, creamy mashed potatoes and a modern take on apple pie. $89 CFH 164 01 – 1 session Mt. Holly S 1 – 4 pm Feb 8


NEW! French Macaroons
Learn the secrets to making one of the most sought after cookies in history. A combination of almond flour, powdered sugar and meringue, these “melt in your mouth” treats are worth the effort. They can be filled with any number of fillings, including chocolate, buttercream and jam. Skills and Techniques; The instructor will explain the proper piping technique, why you tap out some of the air bubbles and even explain why they form “little feet.” $89 CFH 165 01 – 1 session Mt. Holly S 1 – 4 pm Apr 5

Homemade Pasta & Sauce
Now, that’s Italian! In this short course we will learn how to make homemade pasta and hand rolled gnocci. We also will cover sauce basics, and make homemade Italian style pork sausage and meatballs. $89 CFH 120 75 – 1 session Mt. Holly S 1 – 4 pm Feb 15

Last Meal on the Titanic
Please join us on the 102nd anniversary of the loss of the Titanic for a magnificent ten course meal consisting of the menu that was served in the dining room the evening the ship sank. You can watch the chefs prepare your meal in our open kitchen as you indulge in delights from a time gone by. $89 CFH 152 75 – 1 session Mt. Holly T 6 – 9 pm Apr 15

Vegetarian Cooking for Non-Vegetarians
Eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring or bland. This course will expose you to the great flavors and textures that are a part of a vegetarian diet, while dispelling the myths that it is not filling. Seasonal and local ingredient usage will be a large part of the class, as well as an emphasis on complete meals and ensuring enough protein consumption to maintain a healthy diet. $89 CFH 127 75 – 1 session Mt. Holly S 1 – 4 pm Jan 25




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