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Program Comparison Guide for Infant, Preschool, Youth, and Adult Swim Lessons
Aqua Tots (6 months & up) Infant & Preschool Aquatic Program (IPAP) (6-18 months)
Toddler (18 – 36 mos)
Shrimp (6-18 months)
Kipper (18- 24 months)
Inia/Perch (24 – 36 months)
Super Tot Swim (3-5 yrs)
Pre-K Swim (4-6 yrs)
Preschool Swim (3 -5 yrs)
Learn to Swim LI- L IV
Pike (3 -5 yrs)
Eel (3 -5 yrs)
Ray (3 -5 yrs)
Starfish (3 -5 yrs)
School Age Shallow
(6 - 13 yrs)
Level I Introduction to Water Skills Low Polliwog
Level II Fundamental Aquatic Skills High Polliwog
Level III Stroke Development Guppy
School Age Deep (6 - 13 yrs)
Competitive Swim
Adult Swim
Level IV Stroke Improvement Minnow
Level V Stroke Refinement Fish
Level VI Swimming & Skill Proficiency Flying Fish
  Advanced Skills
Aquatics NEW SWIMMER Orientation
Meet the Aquatic Staff
Presentation about the BCC Swim Program
Explanation of first day class procedures
Tour of the aquatic facility
Questions answered

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please make sure when registering the students name/details are provided and NOT the parents.

FAQ about Swimming Lessons One of the most often asked question is, "How long will it take for my child to swim?" Children learn at their own pace and in their own way. Each child's individual personality, readiness, maturity, ability to follow directions, learning style, physical coordination, and practice time affect how long it takes to learn to swim.

My child has so many other after school activities to choose from. "How important is learning to swim?" Learning to swim is the only sport that can save a child's life.

Aqua Tots Program....(Ages 6 months and Up)

Because babies and toddlers should never go swimming without a parent, we offer a parent/child class. The instructor leads the class, but the parent is actually the child's teacher. Children are encouraged to progress at their own pace and the parent need not know how to swim. Lessons are in the fall, spring and throughout the summer semesters.

Aqua Tots (6 months and up)

Parent and child earliest water experience. Introducing fun activities to acclimate your child to the water while incorporating basic swim skills such as floating, breath holding and jumping. Parents are provided with information that will increase their child's safety in and around the water. Cloth diaper or swim diaper and plastic pants a must for children under 3 years. No disposables, please!

Aqua Tots (12 months and up)

Parent and Child early water experience. Prerequisite includes participation in Aqua Tot I or child MUST be acclimated to the water. Class reviews and expands on swim skills introduced in Aqua Tot I. Cloth diaper or swim diaper and plastic pants a must for children under 3 years old. No disposable diapers, please!

Super Tot Swim (3yrs-5yrs)

Prescreened By Appointment (Call BCC @ ext 1497)

Child MUST be acclimated to the water and be able to participate without parent. The child learns basic swim skills including floating, arm stroke, kicks, submerging, jumping, etc.

Pre-School Through K Program (Ages 4-6)

The child is placed in the proper level according to his/her swim skills once the parent registers the child for the preschool swim program. A 6 year-old has the option of the Preschool - K program or School Age Program. Pre-School Through K Swimming Lessons (Ages 4 to 6 years) Instruction is focused on water adjustment and fundamental skills, including back floating and arm stroke using water activities that are fun and enjoyable with the emphasis on water safety. The students are grouped according to present abilities. The program is designed so that the child is encouraged to learn a variety of progressive skills. Water games are used to aid in the learning process.

School Age Swim Program (Ages 6-13)

Instruction is specially designed to allow the child to progress through the American Red Cross Learn to Swim Program Levels I-VI. Register your child for Shallow Water classes if a beginner swimmer. Register your child for the Deep Water if your child is comfortable in the deep water or is at a Level III or higher. Don't know if your child should be in a shallow or deep class? Contact us to arrange a free swim assessment.

Home Schoolers Swim Program (Ages 6 to 13)

This is a Learn to Swim or Swim Better program designed for those children who are not attending school, but are being taught at home. Competitive Clinic (Home Schoolers Ages 8 to 14) Gain a competitive edge. Competitive swimming instruction focuses on teaching starts, turns, and stroke style for improved competition. In addition to perfecting skill techniques, the course also involves the youngster in a conditioning program. Other aquatic specialty classes offered periodically after the Learn to Swim Program include Synchronized Swimming, Junior Lifeguard, and Snorkeling.

Mini Competitive Clinic

This swim clinic is geared for the 5 to 7 year-old who can swim at least 10 yards on 10 feet of water without a flotation device. The focus will be on fun while learning diving, relays, and the four competitive strokes.

Competitive Clinic

Gain a competitive edge. Competitive swimming instruction focuses on teaching starts, turns, and stroke style for improved competition. In addition to perfecting skill techniques, the course also involves the youngster in a conditioning program. Students should be at least 8 years of age and have a working knowledge of three of the four competitive strokes: back, breast, and free.

Water Activities Program

Just being in the water allows your child to practice his/her swim skills. To add some fun, we offer the following activity classes throughout the year!

Snorkeling and Diving (Ages 7 - 12) Learn the basic diving techniques and skills of snorkeling using the mask, fin, and snorkel. Prerequisite: Level IV Swimmer Shallow Water

Water Polo and Basketball (Ages 7 - 12)

Introduction to the games of water polo and water basketball for the younger swimmer. Lots of fun! Prerequisite: Level IV Swimmer


Never leave your child unsupervised in or near a swimming pool, hot tub, or spa, even for a second. Even in a pool with a lifeguard, supervising your children is your responsibility!

Don’t allow barriers, such as fences or walls, to give you false sense of security regarding your child’s safety. There is no substitute for supervision.

Keep toys, tricycles, and other children’s playthings away from the pool or spa. Don’t consider your children to be "drown—proof" because you enrolled then in "waterproofing" or swimming classes.

Don’t rely on "water wings" or inflatable devices to keep your child afloat. They are not substitutes for ability or supervision.


Make sure your pool or spa has effective barriers—— fence/wall/latched doors/covers/alarms—-that guard against unauthorized access. Make sure doors and windows leading to the pool area are closed and are never propped open. Gates should have self - closing, self-latching mechanisms. Latches should be out of the reach of young children and kept in proper working order. Your pool or spa should always have well - maintained barriers or "layers of safety". Always drain standing (surface) water off of the pool or cover.


Learn how to administer lifesaving techniques to children including cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) Install a phone, or keep a cordless phone in the pool or area. Know how to contact local emergency medical services. Post numbers in an easy-to-see place.

General Swim Lesson Guidelines and Policies

Fax or mail upon receipt of the brochure.

No phone or walk in registrations until the posted date.

Lessons are filled on a first come first served basis.

A parent or responsible person is required to be present in the Building for all lessons.

Make-ups are only available if the class is cancelled by BCC and there is available time. Complimentary passes will be issued if requested when a child misses a scheduled class.

The Registration Fees must be submitted at the time of registration. No refunds once classes have started

Please be early.

Children are grouped by age and ability. Swimming levels may be combined to form a group.

Parents are permitted in pool area only on observation days posted on the class outline.

SIGN UP NOW Call (609) 894-9311 or (856) 222-9311 extensions1496/1497 to answer questions about swim lessons OR to obtain the next available class schedule. Register your child through the Community Enrichment's Registration Office by submitting the registration form or following the "How to Register" information located in the first pages of the current brochure.

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