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"Forests, lakes, and rivers, clouds and winds, stars and flowers, stupendous glaciers and crystal snowflakes - every form of animate or inanimate existence, leaves its impress upon the soul of man."
- Orison Swett Marden -
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Geology Links
"Men who wish to know about the world must learn about it in its particular details."
- Herakleitos -
    Mineral Information Institute
    The Mineral and Gemstone Kingdom
    Rock Hound
Rivers and Streams
Plate Tectonics
    University of California at Berkeley
    Extreme Science
    Drifting Continents
    Savage Earth
    Global Volcanism Program
    Cascades Volcano Observatory
    Plate Boundary Animation
    Tsunami Animation
"You do geology? Yeah, I do geology too. I see the rocks and I blow them up! There's your geology!"
- from a conversation a geologist had with a road construction worker, July, 1999.-
Meteorology Links
"Rain! whose soft architectural hands have power to cut stones, and chisel to shapes of grandeur the very mountains."
- Henry Ward Beecher -
The Atmosphere
    National Center for Atmospheric Research
Severe Weather
    FEMA - Storms
    FEMA - Tornadoes
    FEMA - Hurricanes
    Severe Weather
    National Hurricane Center
    The Weather Channel
    South New Jersey Weather
    Earth-Sun Relationship Animation
    El Nino and La Nina Animation
Oceanography Links
"Sponges grow in the ocean. That just kills me. I wonder how much deeper the ocean would be if that didn't happen."
- Stephen Wright -
    Scripps Institute for Oceanography
    Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute
    Ocean and Sea Maps
    Sea Friends
    National Oceanographic Data Center
    Ocean Explorer
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