General Education Mobile (GEM) CCAF

GEM is a CCAF/BCC Partnership to offer an online option for Airmen to complete their CCAF Degree General Education courses.


General Education Mobile (GEM) enables students to sign up for their general education requirements in a single block of courses from the same college, providing greater educational continuity and faster completion of an airman's associate degree.


With the GEM program, students near the beginning of their education will enroll for general education classes as a single five-course sequence taken online. Credits will transfer and apply toward the CCAF degree.


The Air Force Portal serves as the central online location for the program. From there, airmen will be able to browse course offerings, register for the five-course sequence and order transcripts.

Why Choose Burlington County College?

  • Learning Communities that integrate two courses taken simultaneously into a combined learning experience with common assignments that satisfy both course requirements.
  • BCC has over 25,000 military enrollments each year! We must be doing something right!
  • Proud member of the Service Members Opportunity Colleges (SOC).
  • Quality Online Courses meeting CCAF standards and Degree Completion Requirements.
  • Provides incentives and processes to foster successful completion of classes.



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